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Today we present you: An ordinary day in Camp Cleo2.

Daily life in Camp Cleo2 usually starts around 8 am when the females in Sukkerbiten get a radio call by Daniel in Bjørnehiet to tell them breakfast is ready. The females are normally not awake yet…especially one certain one (but I was asked by Malin not to mention names here…). Then males and females have breakfast together in Bjørnehiet, porridge yammy…and also still polarbrød and hardbread with a variety of spread. After breakfast camp inhabitants are queuing for the superultra plus plastic toilette and making their morning washing, such as Janne and Malin happily brushing teeth together… Once in a while some inhabitants are trying to wash even more than the teeth and this turned at least in Miriam`s case out to get back to the 80ies, when she tried to wash her hair with dry-shampoo (not recommendable!).
Depending on the sampling plan different people heading out for sampling everyday, most often Janne and her zooplankton gang. When it is a long day at the R3 station, the group has dry-tech lunch directly on the sea ice, if not we all have lunch break in Bjørnehiet around 1ish. When there is no field party, the inhabitants follow their other usual duties such as: Miriam filters water (there is always something to filter…), Einar works on the sauna or different other tricky stuff, Malin picks Calanus females, Janne counts Calanus eggs, Jozef fights with the Li-Corer or identifies icealgae and Daniel…well besides lying lazy around on the scooter, he is taking care of ROVi, the blog and different other technical issues. About 8 pm somebody is taking the dry-tech wishes for dinner (the variety of dry-tech decreased, we run for instance out of Chili con Carne and the largest amounts left are Storfegryte, Lapskaus and Steinbitgryte) and makes the food ready. Meaning the one in charge boils water, fills up 6 bags of dry-tech, mixes them a little, closes them again and keeps them staying for about 10 minutes before person in charge calls for dinner in Bjørnehiet. After dinner Daniel is asking his usual question “Who is writing today`s blog?” and everybody keeps in silence… Sometimes there is still need to get some work done in the labtent ehm I meant the Temple of knowledge after dinner time before the clock says again “Good night males and females in Camp Cleo2”!


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