99 colorful balloons – 10. May 2013

Happy Birthday to Janne!

This day started quite early at about 3 am in the morning when Janne`s first birthday visitor stepped into the tripwire and woke us up. Our big yellow-whitish “guest” was very polite waiting at the entrance of our camp-fence area. He (Miriam calls him Felix) couldn`t be bothered to get in since we let him nicely know that we don`t like uninvited birthday guests and Felix left in a smooth walk away to the next party…
When we finally got up later in the morning we surprised Janne with a Bjørnehiet full of colorful balloons and a in-a-waterbath-cabin-baked chocolate cake by Malin. The weather was also beautiful and we had an amazing day here in 80 degrees North. The sauna was the first time in use and believe it or not it is the best sauna in whole Svalbard (whole Nord-Austlandet for sure!) and we felt for the first time washed and fresh again. And as it was not enough of an amazing day, Einar used his magic hands to delight us with a splendid steak – potato – vegetable dinner. The best day ever ended then finally with a game of “Cleopatra 2 memory” (not for sale yet, only special edition 2013 for Janne) and we all went to sleep in a good mood.


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One Response to 99 colorful balloons – 10. May 2013

  1. Annika Maschmann says:

    Hello and happy Birthday Janne from sunny and green Lübeck/Germany. Seems so that you all have a lot of fun. Greetings to Malin.