People that have a

These are most of the people involved in Deep Impact

Deep Impact is lead by UiT The Arctic University in Norway, Tromsø, with collaborators in elsewhere in Norway (Trondheim, Bergen and Svalbard), the UK (Scottish Association for Marine Sciences SAMS, University of Strathclyde), Canada (Memorial University, New Foundland) and the US (University of Delaware).

On the scientific side

Jørgen Berge

Jørgen is the project leader and Professor at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Geir Johnsen

Senior scientist at Centre for Autonomous Marine Operations and Systems (AMOS) at NTNU

Malin Daase

Zooplankton ecologist at UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Maxime Geoffroy

Research scientist with expertise in bioacoustics, marine ecology and biological oceanography at Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland in St Johns and a 20% adjunct position at UiT

David McKee

Physicist specialising in optical applications in marine science based at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow and a 20% adjunct position at UiT

Finlo Cottier

Prof of Polar Oceanography at SAMS, part of the University of the Highlands and Islands, and Prof II in Oceanography at UiT. Broad interest in coupled processes in Arctic seas

Kim Last


Laura Hobbs

Zooplankton ecologist at the Scottish Association for Marine Science and the University of Strathclyde.

Jonathan Cohen

Associate Professor of Marine Science at the University of Delaware, interested in how environmental light influences behavior and physiology of marine animals

Janne Søreide


Stig Falk-Petersen


Estelle Coguiec

PhD candidate at UiT

Emlyn Davies

Marine physicist specialising in in-situ ocean optics and particle measurements at SINTEF Ocean

Øystein Varpe

Professor of biology, University of Bergen. Zooplankton-fish interactions, behaviour, phenology, and life history strategies

Tom Langbehn

Marine ecologist modelling species interactions in polar oceans and the mesopelagic zone linking physics to biology. Currently a postdoc in the Theoretical Ecology Group at University in Bergen

On the technical side

Tomasz Kopec

Datamanager at UiT

Emily Venables

Technician for autonomous platforms at UiT

Daniel Vogedes

Technician for everything at UiT