Kongsfjorden and Rijpfjorden Observatory Programme (KROP)

The collection of background oceanographic data over a longer time is of great importance. Time series stations in the fjords allow us to track the changes in the environment and the separate unique events from permanent changes.

Under the lead of Jørgen Berge (UiT/UNIS) and Finlo Cottier (SAMS), we are maintaining two long-term observatories. One is located in Rijpjorden (established in 2006 by UNIS & SAMS), the other one in Kongsfjorden (established 2002 by SAMS). The observatories consist of a set of standard instruments which are deployed every year (CTDs, ADCPs, sediment traps), as well as “guest instrumentation”, which we add upon request by collaborating researchers (e. g. AURAL hydrophones (NPI), RAS autonomous water samplers (FAABulous/AWI/APN), settlement plates (APN) and more).  For the instrumentation setup please refer to the mooring diagrams.

All collected data will be made freely available online soon. We are currently working with the IT department at UiT to change the format all historic data to NetCDF and will publish it continuously. Using the NetCDF format will allow for users to create and download their own datasets online, using only the variables they are interested in. In the meantime, please contact Jørgen Berge if you wish to access and use data from the observatories.

The observatories are registered in the Research in Svalbard database.

Kongsfjorden: RIS 11107

Rijpfjorden: RIS 11106

You might also want to check out the list of publications (side menu) which have made use of the observatory data so far.

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