FAABulous: Future Arctic Algae Blooms – and their role in the context of climate change

The FAABulous project was funded by the Norwegian Research Council under their OKOSYSTEM call in 2014, and runs from April 2015 until March 2020 (project nr. 243702).

This project studies how ongoing climate change will affect the development of algae blooms in sea ice and water in a future Arctic ocean. To this end, we combine extensive seasonal data collection (automated and sampling) in two Arctic fjords with contrasting environmental conditions, experimental studies, and different modeling approaches. A short summary of the scope of the project is provided here. The practical work started with a cruise to van Mijenfjorden (Svalbard) in september 2015. More information about this (and other field campaigns) can be found here

The project is led by Eva Leu (Akvaplan-niva AS), and involves scientists from five Norwegian, and five international (Germany, Poland, UK) research institutions and Universities (see: FAABulous – the team). Our collaboration partners are UNIS (http://www.unis.no/), UiT – The Arctic University of Norway (https://en.uit.no/startsida) , Nord University (http://www.nord.no/en) and NIVA (www.niva.no) in Norway, as well as Alfred-Wegener-Institute for Polar and Marine Research (www.awi.de) and Max-Planck-Institute for Meteorology (http://www.mpimet.mpg.de/en/mpimet-homepage/) in Germany, the Scottish Association for Marine Sciences (www.sams.ac.uk)  and Plymouth University (https://www.plymouth.ac.uk/) in the UK, and the Institute for Oceanology, Polish Academy of Sciences (www.iopan.gda.pl) in Poland.

A summary leaflet of the project is available for download here.

Project leader Eva Leu gives a summary of the FAABulous project

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