Billefjorden – some quick results

After quite an exhausting second day of fieldwork in Billefjorden, with more samples and an ROV mission, we returned in fairly white conditions to Longyearbyen, arriving at around 22:00 on Friday. But it was worth the hassle, lots of samples have been taken and we even have some video for you. We used a mini-ROV to pull a rope 50 m under the ice, which we then used to take horizontal plankton samples under the ice. The ROV video gives a good impression of the massive amount of ice algae, their patchy distribution, and our copepod friends being busy chewing on the good stuff. Not much time for video editing, therefore it turned out a bit lengthy:

Even though half of Longyeabyen seems to think that the sea ice is rapidly melting, our CTD plot and our ice cores show that this is not the case. We will prove this as soon as we have the data plots ready, stay tuned for real-time update of exiting scientific results!

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