On the road! First stop: Billefjorden, testing equimpment

Finally! The Rijpfjorden 2013 campaign blog has started – with a trip to Billefjorden! Here we are – writing our first blog entry, to be delivered by insanely expensive satellite connection in a couple of minutes.
But let’s start at the beginning – how did we get here? It’s of course Calanus – the most beautiful, fatty and important animal genus in the Arctic (sorry Polar Bear…). You will for sure hear more about it (Calanus, not Polar Bears) later. As a little warming up for the Rijpfjorden campaign, we went to Billefjorden to test some equipment and continue our 12 year long time series of zooplankton sampling. Getting is usually not a problem, crossing 2 glaciers and 2 fjords, however eventually spring arrived in the Arctic, with some interesting consequences for the state of water – which we prefer to show you in an illustration, so have a look at the picture gallery and see for yourself 🙂
Eventually we arrived safely in Billefjorden/Adolfbukta and did some sampling (see gallery) and do some relaxing and blogging now. Tomorrow more sampling is on the agenda. And maybe some sleep would be nice as well.

Sooo, follow this fantastic blog and see what we are up to when go further North in a couple of days…

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