Final sampling day – Cleo II goes music [updated 13 may 2013]

Janne Søreide, our project leader and camp master, is a member of the ARCTOS network (, which has a tradition of bringing artists and scientists together in the PolArt project. Inspired by this, another ARCTOS member, Tobias Tamelander, approached the Cleopatra 2 field team with the unusual request to produce an introduction to a music video. Cleo 2 is of course devoted to science, but today, finally, after the end of the sampling, Malin, Janne and Daniel sacrificed their coffee break to produce a soon-to-famous intro to a music video of the soon-to-be-famous band French For Cartridge ( So, at some point after our return, you will probably meet us in a very unusual context. We will let you know when “Cleo 2 goes Antarctica (in Rijpfjorden)” goes viral!

UPDATE 13 May 2013:

Our artistic music video introduction, together with the actual video by French for Cartridge are now online.

Direct YouTube link:

On the science part of life, both team phytoplankton and team zooplankton had the last sampling of this campaign. Several more ice cores, more horizontal under-ice nets, light and CTDs were taken today – all without any hassle. We also managed to give the Lønne-pump a long sampling run, which is probably what it needs. 2h of pumping water from right beneath the ice through a 60 um mesh container produced a beautiful sample of ice alga clogging the net, and plenty of copepods. So, the future of zooplankton and phytoplankton sampling is not dragging endless numbers of nets through the ocean. Just deploy a couple of pumps, have a looong coffee break or watch a good movie, drag them out again, and ready is your sample. Life can be so easy if you are smart!

The end of the sampling means the beginning of the packing down marathon. ROVi, some nets and some other stuff is already boxed up and ready to for the ride home, but the big de-mobilization of camp Cleo 2 will start tomorrow. Therefore, time for the second last night in Bjørnehiet and Sukkerbiten. Good night civilisation! See you soon!


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