Tuesday May 7 – that means we are half way through our field campaign. Time for Bergfest! The whole team stayed in camp in morning, preparing different sets of field gear, taking pictures of Calanus females and cleaning up the camp. A little refresher of the shooting skills was also on the agenda. Instead of a big party in the evening, we had another special meal for lunch: no DryTech, but as a starter a pea soup and then plenty of pancakes with loads of bacon, jam, not white white cheese, brunost, sugar and other good stuff. Namm!
After lunch, a change of field teams: Miriam, Josef and Einar went out on a transect across the fjord, taking ice cores (6 stations, 3 replicates) for ice algae, measuring ice thickness, snow depth and water properties at all stations. Janne, Malin and Daniel stayed in camp, where Janne and Malin continued to work with Calanus, while Daniel was busy to get the underwater suction pump to work, getting yesterdays blog ready and up in the air – and enjoying some quiet minutes in silence in the sun, when the wind suddenly died down entirely for a short time.
The field team came back late (around 21:00) and after another round of our favourite evening game (pick a random DryTech) we decided to take an early evening – 23:45 and everyone went into their sleeping bags.

Tomorrow on the agenda: ROVi deployment to get a status on the sediment traps, recovery of traps, horizontal plankton net tow, suction pump sampling in the field and a long filtration session in the lab tent. Rather catch some sleep now!

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