Good evening South!

Day 3 in Rijpfjorden just ended with lovely dry-tech dinner freshly made by Daniel Ludwig the First himself. What happened today? After digging million and million tons of snow yesterday…(commentary from the author: I know it was mentioned already yesterday but I just wanted to make sure that you readers truly understand the amount of tons and tons we dug [dogged]!), a hole was free to set up the military lab tent. Military lab tent constructions are not the very best to give to scientists to set up, but good that we have Einar, he figured out what was to do in half of the time as Jozef and Janne. Well, now the lab tent is standing and awesome tables (working bench “Janne” you can see on the picture) were built for filtration, technique stuff and zooplankton equipment. Everything is ready for sampling tomorrow!

Polar bear sights: none…but it was foggy most of the day
Muscles aching: still countless …
Near accidents happening: troubles with super glue and slippery labfloors


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