GrønBille project meeting April 2014 - summary


GrønnBille project meeting 23.04.2014
Place: Akvaplan-niva
Participants: Boris Ivanov (SpBSU), Ragnheid Skogseth (UNIS), Frank Nilsen (UNIS), Stig Falk-Petersen (APN and UiT) and Jørgen Berge (UiT and UNIS)
Issues discussed during the meeting:
1. All participants presented relevant work from Isfjorden, Billefjorden and Grønnfjorden, with special focus on historical and existing data. B Ivanov gave an overview of Russian stations, campaigns and existing datasets first of all from Barentsburg and Grønnfjorden, but also from Pyramiden and Billefjorden. Data sampled in Grønnfjorden are mainly results of campaigns during the spring/summer/autumn, but also samples taken through sea ice. F Nilsen gave an overview of the sampling efforts and campaigns from Isfjorden, including the mooring at the mouth of Isfjorden and the efforts connected to the ISA station outside Adventfjorden. Samples also include transects taken during cruises. J Berge presented an overview of the mooring and field campaigns in Billefjorden; one mooring in Adolfbukta (3 years) and campaigns during winter-season since 2001. R Skogseth presented the data base she have developed, and which will be a key asset to GrønnBille.
2. Plans for synchronising and streamlining available data. One of two main components of the project is to gather and align all existing data. Ragnheid is currently working on a database that covers all of Svalbard. We will aim at creating a subset of this database that include all data from Grønnfjorden-Isfjorden-Billefjorden up until 2014 that we will make publicly available. Future updates are to be included in Ragnheids larger database. 
3. Plan for publication. Russian student will come to UNIS in August to work with Ragnheid and Frank on existing data. This will be the basis for a joint publication aiming specifically at the physical patterns and processes of the entire Isfjorden system, but also include a component as to how the primary production in the fjord-system is regulated. The publication will be at the core for the next planned project meeting. Included in the preliminary author list are Ragnheid (lead author), Frank, Boris, Stig, Jørgen, Janne, Finlo and the Russian student. More names to be added when / if needed.
4. We aim at maintaining three coordinated moorings in the Isfjorden system in the future. One in Billefjorden, one in Isfjorden and one in Grønnfjorden. These moorings will be minimum-solutions with temperature loggers, 2 CTD’s (one with chl a) and a acoustic release. In combination we should have hardware for two of the moorings, but we need to apply for additional funding for the third and for supplementing existing hardware. Frank will talk with Janne to coordinate a UNIS application (Christensens legate) and Jørgen will coordinate a Svalbard Miljøvernfond application. Other opportunities need to be explored as well. 
5. Next project meeting planed for spring (june?) 2015 in St Petersburg.

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