On this page you can find a list of FAABulous related outreach articles and activities.



Thomas Moore: Disappearing sea ice could lead to collapse of vital polar food chain (Sky news 17.12.2017)

Eivind Torgersen: Da forskningtokt ble redningsaksjon (Forskning.no 24.05.2017)

Eivind Torgersen: Fullklaff for planktonforskere (Forskning.no 18.05.2017)

Eivind Torgersen: Fullklaff for planktonforskere (YouTube 17.05.2017)

UNIS: Cruising Svalbard: A student perspective (UNIS 19.05.2017)

UNIS: FAABulous fieldwork in van Mijenfjorden (UNIS 27.04.2017)

UNIS: Research cruise with the coastguard ship KV Svalbard (UNIS 19.03.2017)

Eva Leu: Når isen smelter under føttene på forskere i arktis (Svalbardposten 31.03.2017


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