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MicroFun – the marine team:

Tove GabrielsenTove M. Gabrielsen - Main research interest is the molecular ecology and evolution of various organisms. She has a special focus on arctic protists, and is currently working on the diversity and functioning of marine arctic picoeukaryotes in the Svalbard waters. Associate professor at UNIS and PI of MicroFun.





Anna VaderAnna Vader - Main research interest is the diversity and function of microbial eukaryotes. She utilizes her background in molecular biology, and especially RNA biology, in the application of next generation sequencing techniques, including bar-coding and metratranscriptomics, to elucidate ecological questions. Special areas of interest include seasonal variation (especially the dark polar night) and processes related to the extreme annual variation in light that characterizes the Arctic (photosynthesis, light harvesting by proteorhodopsins, bioluminescence). Researcher at UNIS and PI of MicroFun.





Miriam MarquardtMiriam Marquardt - Finished her Master in the field of Polar Ecology at the University of Kiel (Germany). In the scope of her PhD studies, she is investigating all kinds of microbial eukaryotes (10 – 0.45 um) in the waters around Svalbard by use of molecular approaches. She is trying to determine the diversity of the microbial food web during the polar night. Further she is looking into temporal and spatial changes in the microbial community structure throughout the year, and how protists are influenced by their environment.




Stuart ThomsonStuart Thomson - Laboratory engineer within the MicroFun project. Working with molecular lab techniques, especially sample preparation for Illumina sequencing. Did his master within the MicroFun project, with title: Seasonal abundance of parasitic Marine Alveolate Group II (MALV II) in an Arctic fjord, Svalbard (finished May 2014)





Ida Kessel NordgårdIda Kessel Nordgård - Masterstudent within MicroFun, currently employed as laboratory technician at UNIS. Title of master thesis: Microbial winter and spring bloom dynamics in a high Arctic fjord (finished June 2014).






Helga Bårdsdatter KristiansenHelga Bårdsdatter Kristiansen - Masterstudent within MicroFun, currently employed as bioinformatician at UNIS. Title of master thesis: Characterization of marine fungal communities using next generation sequencing techniques (finished March 2014).





Vincent CarrierVincent Carrier - Masterstudent within MicroFun, presently at University of Laval. Focus on spatial distribution of microbial eukaryotes and environmental deteminants.







Elodie TerwagneElodie Terwagne - Masterstudent within MicroFun with title: Seasonality of the haptophyte Phaeocystis pouchetii in Adventfjorden western Spitsbergen and Balsfjorden, northern Norway (finished August 2014).






Connie LovejoyConnie Lovejoy - Current research is focused on Arctic marine microbes, especially planktonic microorganisms (phytoplankton and other protists, Archaea and Bacteria). Professor at Laval University, Canada and member of the MicroFun advisory board.





Jørgen BergeJørgen Berge - Completed his PhD at the University of Tromsø in 2000. His main scientific focus centers on two topics; ecosystem responses to climate change and the biological processes during the polar night. Currently professor at the University of Tromsø, adjunct professor at UNIS and member of the MicroFun advisory board.


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