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During the Cleopatra II campaign we produce quite a few videos and slide shows which we collect here. Some are more for the scientific purpose (the ROV underwater videos), others are more just for the entertainment. Enjoy!

A summary of the Cleopatra II project in a moving slideshow

The UNIS course AB330 conducted fieldwork on van Mijenfjorden (Svea) in May 2014. During the course there were also samples taken for Cleopatra II, and the hands-on fieldwork was based on the methodology and experience of the Cleopatra projects. Course responsible was Cleopatra II project leader Janne Søreide. The last video (van Mijen last day) contains some nice footage of a polar cod enjoying the bright light under the experimental side where we removed some square meters of snow, and stalactites under the ice, where highly saline brine drains out. 





The largest field campaign of Cleopatra II took place in Rijpfjorden, Svalbard, during 14 days in May 2013. Here are some impressions of camp life and the under-ice activities.





Also in 2013, just a week before the Rijpfjorden campaign, we were travelling to Billefjorden. At that very location samples have been taken for more than a decade now, and we also needed to test some equipment.


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