The Arctic Oban group. Photo: Euan Paterson (SAMS)For one week, from 1-5th of June 2015 the three ARCTOS and Mare Incognitum projects CircA, Marine Night and Arctic ABC hosted a meeting at SAMS. For CircA, this is the last project meeting, as we are now well within our final year. The meeting was therefore primarily aimed at writing up papers. For Maine Night, the meeting is a midterm meeting that marks the transition from a field campaign phase to a writing phase. The main aim during the meeting was to inform each other as to where we are following the two large field campaigns that have been hosted in Kongsfjorden January 2014 and 2015, and to prepare a plan for writing up papers. For Arctic ABC, this was a kick-off meeting during which we discussed and planned the ice tethered observatories. For an overview of talks and presentations, please see the "Oban meeting presentations" section in the outreach tab. A meeting summary can be found here.

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