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Dark times ahead

Dark times ahead

While other escape to the South, we head North - again!

Once again an expedition beyond daylight is in preparation. Meanwhile, new findings from earlier expeditions have seen the light of day.

Congratulations Dr. Hobbs!

Congratulations Dr. Hobbs!

An award winning Dr. of the CircA project in Mare Incognitum

Dr. Laura Hobbs receives award for Postgraduate of the Year 2016 by UHI

New monster from the deep

New monster from the deep

Archeologists fear it, biologists love it

First record of a shipworm in Arctic waters

Cruising in the dark

Cruising in the dark

A new year has started - time to continue our dark activities

Cutting-edge autonomous vehicles and traditional sampling in the polar night

Werewolves! Here is the published proof!

Werewolves! Here is the published proof!

Beyond any doubt: Werewolves migrate

Finally the proof for werewolf activities has been published in Current Biology!

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Dark research in the public spotlight!

This year’s January campaign on Svalbard was our sixth consecutive year of polar night research. Since our first expedition to Ny-Ålesund in 2010, we have spent large parts of January on Svalbard every year since 2012 - the first years we were mainly based on the RV Helmer Hanssen, whereas from 2014 our main activity have been divided between Ny-Ålesund and onboard Helmer Hanssen. So also this year, when Bodil Bluhm lead the group onboard HH and Jørgen / Geir were in charge of the campaign in Ny-Ålesund - the former in association with the UiT course BIO-8510 and the latter with UNIS course AB334. And despite a constant and intense focus on the polar night from a very high number of students and researchers during the last eight years, there are still immense gaps in knowledge that needs to be filled. And unexpected discoveries seems to line up, just waiting to be brought out of the darkness and into the public spotlight - so also this year:

Kunnskapshull om livet i Arktis i mørketiden (Aftenposten 09.01. 2017)

Om bambus, spøkelseskreps og et Arktis i endring (Svalbardposten 13.01.2017, PDF)

Banebrytende forskning (Svalbardposten 20.01.2017, PDF)

Superkommunisten (Svalbardposten 20.01.2017, PDF)

Ny art i Ny-Ålesund (Svalbardposten 27.01.2017, PDF)

Kan by-bjørnene forvente seg is i van Mijenfjorden i år? (Svalbardposten 27.01.2017, PDF)

Mørkets fyrste har slått seg ned på Svalbard (NRK Ekko 02.02.2017, radio stream)

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